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For the past 58 years, OE Federal has served union members and their families exclusively. We’ve also remained unionized ourselves! So, if you’re a union member, choose a financial institution that shares the same values as yourself.



Banking with credit unions gives you the perks of receiving lower rates, higher dividends, and a community that’s more interested in your financial well-being than trying to sell you products you don’t need.

But, banking with OE Federal takes all that to a union level. We understand that many of our members work seasonally, which is why we ensure that our policies are written with you in mind. Plus, in the event of a strike or union sanctioned lockout, you have the ability to pause your Visa payments while still being able to utilize your available balance.


At OE Federal, we provide products and services tailored  to Union Members. So, what are you waiting for? Join the family!


Ready to become a member? Check our list of eligible unions and apply for membership today!

(Don’t see your union or local listed? No worries! Contact us about getting yours added to the list)

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