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You’re pre-approved for a Visa STEEL Credit Card at 9.98% APR1

Benefits of a Visa STEEL Credit Card include:

  • 0% APR for 6 months2 (includes balance transfers)
  • 0 Balance Transfer Fees
  • 0 Annual Fees
  • 0 Cash Advance Fees

You could even win $1,000!3

  1. Apply for your Visa STEEL Credit Card between October 1st and October 31st.
  2. Spend $1,000 by November 20th. This is includes new purchases or balance transfers.
  3. That’s it! You’ll automatically be entered to win $1,000.


To find out what your Visa STEEL Credit Card limit will be, apply one of three ways:

Call or Text 800.877.4444

Click to Apply Online

Visit Your Local OE Federal Branch









PRESCREEN & OPT-OUT NOTICE: This “prescreened” offer of credit is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. This offer is not guaranteed, if you do not meet our criteria. If you do not want to receive prescreened offers of credit from this and other companies, call the consumer reporting agencies toll free (888) 567-8688, or write: Experian Opt-Out, PO Box 919, Allen, TX 75013; Equifax, Options, PO Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123; TransUnion, Opt-Out Request, PO Box 505, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

1 APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Maximum debt to income ratio is 60%. APPROVAL: Before we approve you for a credit card, we will review your credit report and the information you provide with your response to confirm that you continue to meet the predetermined criteria for this offer. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

BALANCE TRANSFER TERMS: If you are approved for a credit card, we will process balance transfer requests in the order listed, up to your available credit limit. Your Initial balance transfer limit will be an amount less than your total available credit limit. We do this so that there will be available credit on your Account for any related transaction fees to post. If one or more balance transfer requests exceed your available balance, we will cancel, in reverse order, balance transfer requests to an amount that will not exceed the balance transfer limit and complete the qualifying transfers. Please allow up to 30 days for your balance transfer to post to the Lender’s

Account. Continue to make your monthly payment to the Lender until you have verified the balance transfer has posted to the account. OE Federal is not responsible for any remaining balance, finance charge or other charge (resulting from the balance transfer) on the Lender’s account. We are not able to close your Lender’s Account even if you transfer the entire balance. You will have to contact the Lender directly to close the account. Balance transfer requests are subject to OE Federal Credit Union’s approval, at its sole discretion.

2 0% APR on new purchases and balance transfers only; does not include cash advances. After the first six months of your account opening, the APR for purchases and balance transfers will revert to your standard APR and will vary based on the Prime Rate. See Visa Terms and Conditions.

3 Click here to view the OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES.