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With this program, you’ll be able to easily earn and redeem points using your Visa STEEL Rewards Credit Card.

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With the OE Federal Rewards Program, Visa STEEL Rewards cardholders will get:

  • 1 point earned for every $1 spent using your Visa STEEL Rewards Credit Card
  • Earn as many points as you want – no limit!
  • Pool your points: Got multiple rewards cards? Points will be combined into one rewards account for faster and easier redemption!
  • Pay With Points: Eligible merchants allow you to use your points right at the Point of Sale rather than redeeming them later.
  • Points can also be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, event tickets, brand-name merchandise, travel, excursions and more!
  • Points expire 48 months after they were earned.


Browse the cool items you’ll be able to redeem while shopping and earning with Visa STEEL Rewards!

OE Federal Rewards Program Website

If you have any questions about your rewards points or redemption options on the OE Federal Rewards Program, please call 866.318.5934.

If you’re not a Visa STEEL Rewards cardholder and would like to be, apply here or call 800.877.4444.


OE Federal Rewards Program FAQs