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At OE Federal, we were built on union principles. We understand that being union can come with its own unique set of perks and struggles. That’s why we’ve created a few exclusive benefits to support union members.


> Strike Relief: While they may not be as common as they once were, we’re still looking out for you in case of a strike. If you find yourself on a union sanctioned strike or lockout, you can defer your Visa credit card payments for up to three months. This allows you to focus your money on more important matters.

> Union Rebate:  When you pay interest on your credit card, we take 1% of the annual amount and donate to your local union’s charity of choice. That means the more you use your card…the more you’re supporting your union and their preferred charity. How’s that for paying it forward?



Don’t have a Visa Credit Card but curious about applying for one? Check out our Visa STEEL and Visa STEEL Reward options today!