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At OE Federal, we know you need a financial institution that understands your lifestyle.

Over 50 years ago, we were started by a union for unions and live by union principles. We understand the long hours and welcome the hard hat hair and muddy boots.

What makes OE Federal different than other financial institutions?

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Many people don’t know that we offer most of the products you can find at the larger banks. From your standard checking and savings accounts to mortgages and retirement. Plus, we have programs for kids, teens and those trying to build/rebuild their credit. No matter what stage of life you’re in, we’re ready to help make your future stronger.

The important piece that separates us from other financial institutions is that we understand your union lifestyle. That’s why we offer things like the ability to pause your Visa payment if you’re ever on a union sanctioned strike. We also understand that applying for loans can be tricky when you work seasonally, so we work with you rather than against you to help make those big purchases happen.


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If you’re looking for a credit union you can rock with, give OE Federal a try!

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