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It’s never too early to start focusing on your finances. Get started with the help of OE Federal!


At OE Federal, we’ve got all the products and services to help you start building a solid foundation for a strong financial future. Start by opening an account with us and find the products that best fit your needs.


When it comes to building your savings and opening retirement accounts, you may think, “I’ve got plenty of time to worry about that!” But, you’re actually better off starting now.



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A strong future starts with a solid foundation. Our different savings products can help you achieve your savings goals – no matter how far in the future some of those goals may seem. 

Savings Account

Share Certificates

Money Market Accounts

Educational Savings Accounts

Traditional/Roth Individual Retirement Accounts

While saving is a very important part of life, some necessary purchases in life can’t always be made with what you’ve got in your account. So, if you need to borrow money, borrow responsibly! OE Federal Credit Union has low rates to impact your savings as little as possible.

Auto Loans

Visa Credit Cards

Personal Loans

Mortgage Loans


Whether you’ve never messed with credit before or you’ve had something negatively impact your score, we’ve got products to help you bring those numbers up!

Fresh Start Program

New to Credit Program

Savings Secured Visa Credit Card

Savings Secured Loan

Double Dollar Loan




Ready to kick off this financial journey with us? Apply for membership today!

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Check out our list of our approved unions and locals below. If you or an immediate family member are a member of one of our qualifying union groups, you are eligible for membership at OE Federal. Our online membership application is quick and easy!

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