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Paying yourself first, or prioritizing your savings, is the golden rule of personal finance.

Start small with just $100 each payday, or even a dollar day (our mobile app makes this easy), and watch your savings grow! Read below for 5 excellent reasons why you should start paying yourself today!

Wallet with money hanging out

– Build a Healthy Habit – When you train yourself to put aside a small amount of money each month, you might find you have more money to put away, even more than you thought possible.

Sleeping man cartoon

– Peace of Mind – You’ll sleep better at night knowing you have money socked away for emergencies or to fund expensive purchases.

– Create an Emergency Fund – Don’t let a medical emergency or an unexpected expensive repair throw your budget. An emergency fund will keep you out of the debt trap.

Egg in a nest

– Build a Nest Egg – You might be starting small, but you’ll soon have a sizeable nest egg you can use for a dream vacation, to purchase a home, to save for retirement, or whatever you want!

Piggy Bank

– Be More Mindful of Your Spending – Most people’s needs will expand with their income. Stay one step ahead of the curve by paying yourself first!


Do you care more about the financial wellness of your local coffee shop or your own? Paying yourself first means putting your own needs, and your own future, before anything else. Kick-start your savings today; just hit the login button and make a transfer into your savings now!