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It's obvious work can be tough. Don't let that stress flow over to your finances as well! With debt consolidation, you can streamline your payments and pay balances down quicker.



OE Federal offers debt consolidation products to make managing your debt easier.

Just think all your debt in one, low monthly payment!


How does consolidating debt benefit you?

<< Turn multiple payments into one single payment >>

<< Lower interest rates >>

<< Improve your credit score >>

<< Reduce stress >>

<< Pay off your debt faster >>


We offer 3 different solutions to help turn your debt into ONE, LOW PAYMENT!

Debt Consolidation


<< With our Visa STEEL or STEEL Rewards Credit Card, we make it easy to consolidate your debt with no balance transfer fees. Learn more about credit cards. >>

<< Our Home Equity Loan consolidates debt while taking advantage of the equity in your home. You choose how much you want borrow. Learn more about Home Equity Loans. >>

<< Our Signature Loan offers you low rates and the flexibility to choose the loan term to fit your needs. Learn more about Signature Loans. >>


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