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At OE Federal Credit Union, we’re union proud just like you. 

We were built on union principles and continue to live the union lifestyle to this day. That’s why we understand the long hours and welcome the muddy boots.


So how do we really stand out from other financial institutions?

Many people don’t know that we offer most of the same products that you can find at the larger banks. We offer products from checking and savings accounts to mortgages and retirement. We’ve even got programs to help your kids learn finances too! No matter where you are in your financial journey, we’re here to help.

But if big banks have these products, why choose OE Federal? Great question! Credit unions are known for having fewer fees and lower rates which helps you keep more of your own, hard-earned money.

The most important piece that separates us from other financial institutions is that we get your union lifestyle. Because of this, we offer things like the ability to pause your Visa payment if you ever happen to go on strike. We also understand the struggles that can come with seasonal work. That’s why we work with you rather than against you to help make those big purchases happen.



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Members and their immediate family members of these unions and signatory groups are eligible to apply for membership at OE Federal Credit Union:

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