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Fraud seems to grow every year. One of the most popular forms of fraud is known as spoofing where an email, phone call, or website is disguised as being from a trusted or well-known source. This means you must be more aware of how to spot a spoofing scam. We want to keep your identity and money secure. Here’s how to identify and avoid spoofing fraud online.


Most of us are familiar with online phishing where a scammer posts an appealing link in an email as bait then re-directs you to another website. In the worst-case scenario, clicking the link infects your computer with a virus that steals your personal info or locks your computer until you agree to pay the scammer a ransom fee. The simple solution? Think before you click.



Scammers are smart. They know we’re viewing trending posts on social media where we may read and leave comments. The spammer will drop a dubious link into the conversation in the comments, claiming it connects to a relevant story or thread. Use your intuition and be wary of any user or link that doesn’t quite look right. As a safe guard, change your passwords regularly, especially your financial accounts.



You may see these on social media or in your email. The link will direct you to a third-party eCommerce store. Before going to the site, do research. They usually offer high-end products at a low price. Research the product to see if you could purchase it elsewhere. They typically require you to send payment via electronic transfer, this could be a red flag. In most cases you have now shared your credit card information, which allows them to use your information for future purchases.

Most online companies are not scammers. If you have not purchased from a company before, do your due diligence and research customer reviews, check for their contact information, and research the product to see if it is legit. Also, check to ensure the site starts with “HTTP” or “HTTPS.”



Online surveys can be tempting. Usually, they’re promoted in banners or social media posts and promise deep discounts or giveaways. The problem is that a lot of these surveys are bogus. A legit company probably isn’t going to give you a real deal via a flashing banner ad. And if you click, you may be giving up access to things like your bank and credit card info.



We’re about keeping our union family safe as well as providing financial products and services geared toward our union lifestyle. OE Federal partners with BALANCE, to provide our members with free access to financial education and resources. BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services for all life stages. Visit or call (888) 456-2227.