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Stopping fraud remains an ongoing challenge. Fraudsters and scammers are now using more sophisticated ways to try and mislead you into sharing account information and personal data by posing as someone from our Fraud Department.

Protect you from fraud

Fraudsters are now spoofing our number to trick you into thinking OE Federal is calling. To help protect you from these scams, we would like to remind you that our Fraud Department will NEVER call you and request any of the following personal information:

  • Online or mobile banking login information
  • One-time passcode provided via text, email or phone call to access your online or mobile banking
  • Full debit or credit card number
  • Debit or credit card PIN
  • Debit or credit card security code
  • Full social security number

Fraud Message

The only time OE Federal will text or email a one-time passcode is if you are attempting to access your online or mobile banking from a new device or IP address.