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Please be aware:

Members have reported receiving a phone call or text from a person claiming to be from OE Federal’s fraud department with a caller ID reflecting 800-877-4444 or 925-454-4000.


The caller provides their name and even an employee number to gain your trust so you feel comfortable speaking with them. They then ask you to provide your personal and account information.  Their goal is to gain the necessary information so they can commit fraud on your account.



While there might be a time where you receive a call from our Fraud Department, we will NEVER ask for any of the following information:

  • Online or Mobile Banking login information
  • Text, email or phone call provided one-time passcodes used to access your Online or Mobile Banking
  • Full debit/credit card number
  • Debit/Credit card PIN
  • Debit/Credit card security code
  • Full Social Security Number


If you are contacted by someone requesting personal or account-related information, please contact us immediately at 800.877.4444.