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Our goal at OE Federal is to keep you and your finances safe. So when browsing an unfamiliar site, ask these questions to make sure it’s safe:

  1. Does your browser warn you against visiting the site? These warnings are based on factual data that suggests they may indeed be risky.
  2. Is the text riddled with grammar mistakes and typos? If a site looks like it was written by a second-grader, opt-out.
  3. Is the site secure? Only visit sites starting with an ‘https.’
  4. Does the digital footprint check out? Google the company to see what folks on the internet are saying about them.
  5. Is there a legitimate “Contact us” section? Look for an authentic physical address and phone number.
  6. Is there an excessive amount of ads? If so, it’s probably a fake.
  7. Is the URL authentic? When redirected to another site, check the new URL to see if it matches the original company.

Be alert and stay safe online!

Don't be Tricked by Fraudsters Pretending to be OE Federal!

Fraudsters are contacting members pretending to be OE Federal. When we call you, we will NEVER ask for your online banking login information, full card information, or full SSN.