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Everyone deserves to kick back and relax, but entertainment can get expensive. Check out some ideas below for ways you can have your budget, and your fun, too.

Sewing supplies

Turn a hobby into income

Do you have a secret passion you can monetize? Maybe you’re sensational at sewing, or you have a unique talent at bottle-cap art. Earn cash to fund your hobby by selling your products on sites like Etsy.



Couple with tv remote
Give up cable

A video streaming service like Netflix can be a great replacement for cable. Some services, like HBO Max, will even allow you to stream a specific channel online.



Phone and headphones
Stream your music

Today, it’s all about streaming music services rather than buying entire albums. This allows you to listen to virtually any song for a modest monthly fee. If you’re okay with the occasional ad, you can even stream music for free.



Happy family riding in a car
Ask for a discount

Before paying for a hotel stay or even a rental car, find out if you qualify for a discount. Many venues offer discounts for older adults, students, and even members of select clubs and insurance providers.



People exchanging gaming controllers
Split entertainment memberships

Share the cost of a music, movie, or video game subscription with a friend or a roommate to pay half the price for the same entertainment.




Woman dining outdoors on phone

Watch for happy hour

Depending on where you live, restaurants may only be doing outdoor dinner, but this doesn’t mean they’re not doing happy hour anymore. Check with your local restaurant or follow them on social media to keep an eye out for deals on your favorites dishes and drinks.