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It's been a year since we were first officially asked to take precautions, stay home and stay safe. For those who are still stuck at home, those creative juices and good moods may not come as naturally as they once did. Here's a few easy, simple ways to get your brain moving and serotonin flowing.

Just Dance!

Pick your favorite tune, turn up the volume and dance like nobody is watching! Want to make it a family event? Grab the whole group and choreograph a brilliant dance number – who knows, it could turn into the next TikTok trend. (Whatever that means 😜)


Plant a seed

Literally! Planting a garden from seeds is an inexpensive hobby to pick up. While it helps reduce depression and anxiety, it’ll also give you a great sense of accomplishment when you pick your first herb, fruit or vegetable! Plus, if you have kids, this is great way to teach them a valuable and rewarding skill.


Write it Down

Got a lot on your mind? Write it down! Journaling is soothing for the soul. The little ones can journal with you by drawing pictures of what they did or how they’re feeling.


Bake some bread

Baking bread can be fun and rewarding. After all, you end up with a (hopefully) tasty snack after trying out a new recipe. And, you probably already have the ingredients in the pantry. Plus, your house will smell amazing – bonus!


Open a Book

Reading is a way to escape to new places – both real and fiction. Not sure where to start? Try revisiting a classic you were forced to read in high school. It’s a different experience reading them with a grown-up perspective.