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Being stuck indoors doesn't mean you have to succumb to boredom. Instead, use this time to expand your imagination and have some fun with items you may have lying around the house.
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Tin Can Flower Pots

You’ve probably got one or two cans of vegetables in your cabinet right now. After making dinner, save the can and use them for some fun crafts with the kids! With a little creativity, you can give these cans new life and turn them into small flower pots!


  1. Remove label
  2. Clean thoroughly with soap and water
  3. Dry completely
  4. Decorate!

When it comes to decorating, you can you use a multitude of different techniques. Use paint, glue, tape, glitter, cotton balls, paper, stickers, buttons, etc. Let your imagination soar!

Check out these tin can flower pots on Pinterest for a little inspiration: Tin Can Flower Pots


Have a Family Talent Show

It’s time to show the family what you’ve got. Each member of the family can reenact a scene from their favorite movie, show off their magic skills, belt out their favorite song, or bust a move! The best part? You really don’t need any supplies. You could always dress up in funny performance outfits to take it up a notch. Looking for a bigger audience? Video chat with friends or relatives and have them join in on the fun. Use #OETalentShow on social media to share your awesome performances!


Egg Coloring

Who says egg coloring is only for Easter? Not us. All you need is a few eggs (or a few dozen, depending how crafty you’re feeling…and how many hard boiled eggs you want to eat), vinegar and food color. Don’t have food coloring? Don’t worry! You can actually create food coloring from other foods in your home: How to Dye Easter Eggs with Food Dye or Natural Colors


  1. Boil Eggs
  2. Mix 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and food coloring
  3. Start dying your eggs!

Need more details? McCormick has a step by step guide on how to boil and dye your eggs. Plus! They even have a handy dandy color chart. How to Dye Easter Eggs



Plastic Jug City

It doesn’t matter what sort of plastic container you’re using, you can create a fairy land or super hero city out of just about anything. Grab an empty milk jug, fabric softener container, bleach bottle, etc. and you’re ready to create all sorts of magical buildings, houses, and hangouts.


  1. Remove labels
  2. Clean bottles thoroughly
  3. Let dry
  4. *Parents Only* Cut doors and/or windows out of the bottles (optional)
  5. Decorate!

Create a city full of silliness with these funny shaped buildings and weirdly decorated houses. Pull out the paint, markers, glue and stickers and see what you can come up with.

Here’s a little step by step process by the Filth Wizard: Messy Art for Kids



Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Since you can no longer find toilet paper at the store, we’re going to assume you’ve got some at home. And with everyone stuck in the house, you’re bound to use a little extra toilet paper than normal. So start collecting those empty rolls because the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting with these bad boys. You can build animals, cars, castles rockets, dinosaurs…you name it, you can probably make it!

Take a look at this list of amazing crafts you can do with toilet paper rolls: As Told By Mom


Cook Dinner Together

With grocery stores emptying quickly, you may not have your typical ingredients or spices. Come together as a family and create your own recipes with the ingredients you already have. In the middle of this bonding time, you may even come up with the next best dish. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog with a few Pantry Raid Recipes. 


Paper Airplane Contest

Are you a competitive family? It’s time to put the family’s paper airplane building to the test. The only tools you need? Paper! Watch this video on how to form a basic paper airplane or build it your way! Decide on a starting line and see just how far your planes fly!



Game Night

If you’re looking for something with a little higher stakes than a paper airplane contest, have a game night! Don’t have any board games at home? You can find free online word generators for games like Pictionary, Catchphrase and Charades. (Try this generator from The Game Gal) More into video games? For once, we’re encouraging you to stay in and play them. Pull out the Wii and have a Frisbee Golf tournament or Just Dance contest.



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