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If you’re looking to clean up your finances, try using OE Federal’s free Personal Finance Manager, BOOTPRINT.

It’s easy to let our finances get a little muddy over time. Through life’s ups and downs, we can lose sight of our financial goals – whether that’s to pay down debts, save for large purchases, create a rainy day fund, or simply to pay our bills on time.


With BOOTPRINT PFM, you can track your transactions to see how you’re spending your money each month and where you can improve. You can even set up goals to make it easier to see how much you need to be saving each month and view your progress. Check out all that BOOTPRINT has to offer by logging into Online or Mobile Banking today!


Some of Bootprint’s top features include:

>> Interactive Spending Wheel: View top expenses in real-time.

>> Easy Budget Tools: Build and view spending targets.

>> Spending at a Glance: See what categories you’re spending the most money in.

>> Cash Flow Control: View income and spending through your dashboard.

>> Set Goals: Add your saving and spending goals here to keep you on track.

>> Net Worth Snapshot: Track investments, wealth, and debt all in one place.


How to get to BOOTPRINT Personal Finance Manager:

Login to Online or Mobile Banking

Click “Statements and Services” in the menu

Choose “Bootprint PFM”

Start tracking your spending!