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OE Federal’s Union Rebate Program is ongoing throughout the year. The program donates 1% of the annual interest paid on a Visa STEEL and STEEL Rewards Credit Card to the preferred charity of a local Union. That means the more the card gets used, the more money that is given to the designated charity.


Bart Florence, Business Manager IUOE Local 39

Cement 400

Jose Jimenez, Director of Organizing Cement Masons Local 400

Plumbers 343

Paula Bailey, Administrator UA Plumbers Local 343

IBEW 340

Koy Saelee, Office Staff IBEW Local 340

Ironworkers 378

Jason Lindsey, Business Agent & 378 members Ironworkers Local 378

Sheet Metal 312

Tony Ericksen, Business Manager Sheet Metal Workers Local 312

1% Rebate - ECCTA Stacey Zeiszler

Stacey Zeiszler Elko County Teachers Association