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Don’t let a wrecked vehicle wreck your finances.

If you were to total your vehicle today, would you be able to pay off your loan?

Many people believe that they’re fully covered just by having insurance. However, insurance will only pay out what your vehicle was worth at the time of loss. If you owe more on your loan than what your vehicle is worth, you may be paying the rest of that loan out of pocket.

That’s where GAP comes in. GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. It’s a voluntary insurance add-on that helps you pay the remaining balance of your auto loan should you total vehicle.


GAP Benefits:

> Reduced or Eliminated Loan Payoff

> 90 Day Refund Period

> Deductible Assistance

> Ability to Roll GAP into Loan


Ask about adding GAP today and worry less about tomorrow.

>> Call 800-877-4444 or stop by your local branch <<